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EC870-L double gauges O2 regulator
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medidcal oxygen regulator with humidifier bottle Double gauges oxygen regulator, high pressure oxygen cylinder regulator model: EC870-L
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medidcal oxygen regulator with humidifei bottle

Input: 0-4000PSI
Output: 50PSI-22 PSI
Flows: 12Levels in adjustment
Flow range: 2-15L

1. American style medical oxygen regulators, CGA870 , CGA540 style and bullnose style.
2. Certificate: ISO 13485 ,CE, FDA and ASTM G175-03.
3. Lightweight aluminum body and anodized in any color. Or Brass body with chrome plated.
4. Flows: 0-4L/min, 0-8L/min, 0-15L/min, 0-25L/min. 12 levels adjustment.
5. Barb outlet or Diss outlet or W/2CV. 6. Outlet pressure: 50PSI
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